C&H Fire Suppression Systems Inc. has experience working on numerous types of projects within the Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Residential sectors of the construction industry.
We know projects can be complex, whether it be contractual, scheduling or budget-related. We have been involved in projects that have been divided into separate contracts, based on building code and tenant improvements. Our expertise in designing and building suppression systems while understanding tenant improvement work that could come online at a future date, allows for greater efficiencies in the process.


Sprinkler System and Fire Protection Equipment Inspections

We can inspect all types of sprinkler system installations as well as fire hose cabinets, fire extinguishers, fire pumps, and pre-action systems. Such inspections are required to be performed every 12 month and as such we can perform inspections on a scheduled basis or on an on-demand basis. 

Flow Testing

We offer flow testing for fire pumps, standpipe systems, sprinkler systems and fire hydrants.

Fire Extinguishers

We provide sales, inspections, testing, maintenance and replacements for all classes of fire extinguishers.

Backflow Preventors

We employ certified technicians using certified backflow testing equipment to ensure accuracy, efficiency and reliability. Upon successful completion of a backflow test, we provide a detailed multi-page report for your records as well as tag the backflow with a certificate.

Building Renovations

We are able to modify existing suppression systems by adding/replacing/reloacting sprinkler heads and piping to suit renovations, updates and modifications. We are also able to retrofit existing systems so as to conform to insurance and code standards.

Building Maintenance

We offer scheduled and on-demand maintenance which include service such as: weekly/monthly fire pump testing, main drain flow testing, fire alarm testing/maintenance/repairs, emergency lighting inspection/repairs etc.

Special Hazard

We faciliate the inspection, testing and installation of numerous special hazard fire protection systems


C&H Fire Suppression Systems Inc. is a complete turn-key fire protection company providing services from the earliest stages of the project through to the ongoing service and maintenance of the fire protection systems.